Mobile Artist Studios in the news

Our student work is showing up on the tiny house blog, an amazing resource in itself. Check out Shane’s project here, Jenn’s project here, and Mike’s project here.


Folk Festival Highlights!

With beautiful weather and reverberating folk harmonies alive in Sisters, the student work displayed in one of only a handful of  booths on the Village Green provided visitors with an atypical educational festival experience – to interact with students and a design idea in progress.
Boards showcasing the spring studio’s final student design proposals with selected physical models initiated conversations with local artists, musicians, teachers, kids, and travelers from out of state. Many were familiar with compact living from traveling to festivals in RV’s while a few had built their own small studios.
Drawn in by realistic renderings and concepts from the practical to more abstract, many reacted optimistically with excitement for deeper explorations of mobile studio communities, unit synergies, and construction materials and cost. The most frequent questions became, “How much does one of these units cost?” and “Where are these prototypes built?”
Though actual construction and determining cost were not within the scope of the ten-week studio, these questions could be answered in the near future!
Currently, students are compiling research for project feasibility at the Sisters Artworks site.
Recommendations to the community about the most feasible size, materials, construction method, energy systems, and mobility, as well as the design process and student work will be released as a printed version shortly, so stay tuned for additional work!

Here are samples of the bookmarks for spreading the word on Mobile Artist Studios!

Have a look. . .

The student work section (above) is pretty much updated with current work. Have a look and comment!


Kathy Deggendorfer, Erin Borla, Dennis Schmidling, and Shane Lundgren from Sisters joined fiber artist Shannon Weber, UO Architecture Department of Architecture faculty members Jim Tice, John Rowell and Kevin Nute, Product Design faculty member Sara Huston, and visiting critic Jeffrey Venezia at the UO Department of Architecture final design review. Here are some photos of the students presenting their work to the jury.


thank you Sisters!

We had a great time visiting Sisters Art Works in May to get some feedback on our work. Thanks to all the folks who came by to talk to the students. Amazing!


You are invited to talk with UO architecture students about their initial ideas for mobile artist live/work studios at Sisters Art Works, May 9th, 2-4pm.

There will be an introduction to the project and time to meet the students to talk with them about their individual projects. They are eager for ideas and feedback!

If you can’t make it, we’ll update the STUDENT WORK section above and you can leave your comments there. We want to know what you think.


We started out by asking architecture department faculty and students to give us some feedback on the wall assemblies we are trying out. Here we are in Lawrence Hall during the review. Jenn is showing a reviewer how the awning works. Jame’s model is on the bottom left.