Jenn Pecenka

Pecenka Final Book


This movable studio is a live/work space for the artist who seeks inspiration from the land and a vehicle for interaction between the display of work to the public as well as a response to the land and context in which it sits.

In a space as confined as this street legal 8.5’ wide x13.5’ tall trailer, privacy with the ability to utilize nature as a living room allows the greatest flexibility of use and comfort. Claiming outdoor space with the unfolding façade is vital for both functionality and inspiration for the artist in addition to its mobility for tours or living simply off-the-grid. Its operability gives the artist control over daylighting, ventilation, and security through means of slatted screens, folding awnings, sliding skin, and extending decks.

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The wooden screen is a repeating element that functions in multiple aspects. For the glazed façade, double wooden slatted screens are offset to allow diffuse light without compromising privacy. The exterior screen also folds up as an awning and shading device while the interior screen and enclosure can remain open or closed to the elements. The artist can engage this active façade to achieve desired effects from an open to partially screened to solid interface between the interior and exterior. The folded screens form outdoor spaces and become the media for art displays when open while providing a transition between the small interior and vast landscape.

The staggered stair for sitting and shelving transitions to a ladder into the lofted space just large enough for a twin mattress. Though connected to the active space below, the lightness of the materials and connection to the visible outer sliding skin, structure, and sky inflates the scale of the space. The structure is exposed and encased in glass but wrapped again with a sliding translucent skin that extends out beyond the enclosure with its own private, protected connection to the outdoors. Windows open out to the unfolding deck that steps down to give additional seating space for an elevated view of the landscape.


The double skin over the loft allows rain to fall through the open louvers above the bed, washing over the inner glass enclosure. The user is becomes but more intimately connected to the environmental conditions in a way that cleanses and renews the mind.


The user adjusts the skin for more or less daylight, views to the horizon or sky, and protection from the elements. Strips of light pierce the space at certain times of the day as a gauge of passing time and mark the beginning and end of each day, deepening the mental separation from work below.


The outer skin slides out over the operable windows and fold-down deck, creating a protected haven for meditation, bird watching, and viewing the landscape from an elevated  perspective. Translucent corrugated plastic glows to expose, yet conceal the most private space of the studio.


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