Mark Fretz

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The Sisters art studio and living modules capitalize on locally-grown flexibility.  Through the use of lightweight materials, including a modern tipi wall construction of high-tech fabric and small dimension lumber reclaimed from the forest floor, the live|work modules will be able to readily visit many sites in and outside of town with minimal expense.  The modules are within the Department of Transportation’s size requirements for street travel without a permit. They are light enough to be towed by a car, then engage a human-powered drive wheel attachment for easy repositioning on the site, thereby permitting occupant response to the seasons and solar angles.  When the human-powered drive wheel is not being used for repositioning, it can power a DC generator producing 140 W at a leisurly 10 mph pace.  This will augment solar power in procuring off-the-grid energy. The units will be responsive to climate.  A well-insulated envelope will absorb solar gain in the winter and store this warmth in the water thermal ballasts.  In the summer, the easy mobility will allow for repositioning to provide natural solar shading and doors, louvers and walls can be opened for passive ventilation.


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