Jesse Bank

The core values of this project are of simplicity, ease of installation, flexibility, separation of function, and a deep respect for the richness of material. The project is designed to be transported and set up with minimal difficulty and labor, and can be serviced from the exterior without disturbing the artist. As a modular system, Mobilestudio is able to be configured to a variety of plan arrangements depending on site conditions/preferential orientations. Two separate modules with distinctly different interior characteristics and material treatments create a sense of ‘home’ and ‘work’ for the visiting artist, thereby providing often-needed respite from one’s work. The restrained formal language of the project both lends a sense of visual serenity, and allows for the appreciation of the rich material palette. Taken as a whole, the project seeks to make the most from the least, without sacrificing usability or the sense of joy surrounding the creation of art.

Midterm Presentation:





2 responses to “Jesse Bank

  1. kathy deggendorfer

    These models were wonderful works of art! Such a pleasure to look at!
    Two structures mean you double the cost of shipping, heating etc….
    Also the roof lines shed snow onto the decks– this can be problematic… unless you like to shovel snow?

  2. Beautiful models. My fussy perfectionist models have been consigned to history after seeing these. I think you’ve just designed me my next house! I like your style very much Jesse. Thanks for sharing.

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