Halla Hoffer

ephemeral light

Beautifully exposed insulation provides privacy, light, and protection to the mobile art studio. The studio’s wall system reexamines the traditional wall, and serves to provide both translucency and thermal protection using an innovative construction system. Carefully designed layers of perforated insulation allow light to diffuse into the space creating an interior lit with ambient daylight. The unique wall system creates a vibrant link between inside and outside – interior lighting is inherently connected to the surrounding environment, and the interior is constantly in flux with the outdoors. At night the lighting is reversed, and light is filtered out through the studio’s walls. The space glows from within, providing a sense of enclosure, light, and warmth to those beyond.

key features

insulative/transparent enclosure – The wall design exposes the core of the studio – the insulation – in order to provide light, insulation, and privacy.  A series of insulative and perforated panels are layered to create a wall that diffuses and transmits light through the structure. Multiple factors were considered in deriving the desired percentage perforation for each panel. Values were assigned to each panel in regards to possible views, desired lighting levels, and needed privacy. These factors were prioritized and weighted in regards to each panel’s specific use. This allowed panels to be influenced most heavily by the inputs that were most relevant. Once the desired perforations had been developed, the specific perforations for each wall were designed. Each wall is composed of three panels of insulation each with its own unique pattern. They layers are combined to create a complex system of perforations that allow light to filter into the space.

adaptable work space – the work module offers a flexible space for a variety of artists. Furniture is stored underneath the sink at the back wall allowing the space to be entirely open or populated with furniture.

reviving live space – separated from the work space, the live module provides a place to rest, relax, and recharge. The space designed to create a comfortable, minimal, and simple space for artists to enjoy time away from work.

live/work connection – an adaptable connection between the live and work modules allows for the utmost flexibility within the space. As a studio that may be used successively by several visiting artist – it is critical to consider how the space can change to meet the evolving needs of the user. Unique pivot hinges allow for a transient connection between the live and work modules, while also allowing for a direct connection to the outside.


One response to “Halla Hoffer

  1. kathy deggendorfer

    This model is one of the few that has mostly one level for work and living space. I started thinking some of these models would have an “age limit” on them… old creaky folks might not be able to climb a ladder to sleep after a long day of painting/weaving/making things…

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