The Roundhouse Foundation and University of Oregon are collaborating to generate design ideas for a prototype   mobile, live/work art studio for Sisters.  The idea is to make  creative space available in town on currently under used commercial or  industrial locations as an investment in arts-based economic development.

University of Oregon architecture students are working this spring to envision the possibilities for such a prototype. Directed by Assistant Professor Erin Moore, the students are approaching the design problem in terms of wall enclosure, living and working spaces, construction sequencing,  and moveability.


One response to “ABOUT THIS PROJECT 2011

  1. I just saw a few of your articles on the tiny house blog! I graduated from the UO AAA school (jewelry design) and was so excited to see this awesome project. After graduating, I moved to Bend, OR. Central Oregon is so beautiful and would be such a great location for this project. My brother owns a construction company in Bend and with his help, I’m planning to build myself a tiny mobile house later this year. I’m so inspired by the idea of having a living and working space! The students are doing a great job and have come up with some stunning plans. Keep up the good work, I’d be so excited to see these plans come to life in Sisters!

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