Mike Beamer

The main goal of this project is to create a space that will draw talented artists to Sisters and provide them an enriching experience of the area while facilitating the creation of great works of art.

The living and working functions are separated into their own units which face a common porch providing an expansion of perceived space and a connection to the outdoors.

The modular construction sits lightly on the ground and is easily transportable on the back of a flatbed truck.  A steel exoskeleton provides a rugged structure to which Structural Insulated Panels are bolted, providing a continuous layer of insulation.

The roof form derived from the desire to provide ample balanced daylight in the space, while maintaining privacy on the outer edges.  With such a form, preventing leaks and ice dams along with supporting snow loads are crucial elements.   The structural detailing follows rain screen principals, with a vented airspace between two layers of moisture protection throughout.  The risk of ice damns is mitigated through the high insulation levels [~R-48] of the envelope as well as a vented roof approach.  Snow loads would be handled by the rigid steel frame, engineered to suit the intended region’s weather.

The project aims to have net-zero impact, through use of PV panels, capturing rainwater, and composting all waste.  Contact with each of these systems will enhance the user’s awareness of personal consumption.

Mike Beamer
Certified Passive House Consultant
UO MArch Candidate 2012



One response to “Mike Beamer

  1. Wondering if you have any rough costs for base, transport, setup, sub-system installation (solar, water collection/filtration/grey water, passive/active heating/cooling, on/off-grid), etc.



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